Meet The Team

Emily Werner, MS

Emily has her Master's of Science in Human Nutrition, has achieved her Precision Nutrition L1 certification, and is pursuing her Certified Nutrition Specialist license. Outside of the realm of education, she’s a competitive CrossFit athlete, runner, cycler, and avid dog walking enthusiast. She created Emily Werner Nutrition to heal, inspire, and improve her client’s lives with expert nutritional guidance.

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She earned her BA in communications and a minor in religion in 2003. And as you could guess, being a full-time nutritionist wasn’t in the blueprint. However, after 15 years in the world of advertising, she gravitated towards teaching her peers about the significance of eating well and exercising. She truly believes food is medicine.


Emily went back to school full-time at the University of Bridgeport to earn her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition to learn as much about her passion as possible, ultimately making her lifestyle of nutrition and wellness career.

Her focus? Functional medicine with the prevention and management of disease. This is where your goals, illness, and unique biochemistry are thoroughly analyzed. Emily addresses the interrelationships between foods and nutrients and considers the biochemical effects they have on the way the body functions (blood sugar regulation, GI function, and so on). Once examined, Emily creates the nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle, supports your goals, and assists recovery from all different ailments.

No one human is the same, nutrition isn’t a stencil that can be applied and traced by health artists. Your biochemistry is unique and should be treated with a specific nutrition and wellness program, tailored precisely for YOU.

  • Weight loss

  • Decrease cardiometabolic risk

  • Prevent or manage type 2 diabetes

  • Achieve better gastrointestinal health

  • Manage allergies or autoimmunity

  • Boost energy levels

  • Optimize physical and mental performance

  • Relieve anxiety and depression

Her practice is focused on, but not limited to, helping clients with the following:

We only have one vessel to carry us through this life, one brain, one body, and one soul to keep nourished. Let’s become the best version of ourselves.

Mike Proia, MSc

Mike is a versatile, passionate, and hard-working nutritional expert with a results-driven track record. His degree in Marine Engineering, service as a commissioned officer in the U.S. Navy Reserve and Master's in Human Nutrition allows him to impact people’s lives with powerful mentorship.


While employed as an engineer, he was constantly traveling for work. The long commutes and habitual need for traveler convenience took its toll. Mike noticed himself and his peers starting to gain weight. Worst of all, the general feeling of being unwell crept into everyday life, it’s grip tightening over time.

He had to make a decision, as we all do, to build a foundation for better living. That foundation resting on the principles of solid nutrition and exercise.

Moving forward, he researched health food stores, gyms, hotels with kitchenettes, and meal plans specific to each place he traveled. Mike spent more time researching nutrition during his trips than he actually did working, so his passion turned into a mission to help others achieve the same results.


With this newfound love for nutrition, he opened a fitness-themed restaurant aptly named, “The Barbell Grill” and a meal prep business for local Crossfit gyms.

He decided to go back to school studying nutrition at the University of Bridgeport. It was here where Mike met his colleague Emily, and they focused their energy on helping people as full-time nutritionists.

Mike's approach to weight loss, nutrition, alleviating symptoms and curing disease entails feeding the body the fuel it needs to heal itself. Most doctors are out of touch with the power of great nutrition. But the truth is, that eating correctly can solve a multitude of problems, without the side effects of modern medicine.