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About Emily

Emily Werner, MS

Emily has her Master's of Science in Human Nutrition, and is pursuing her Certified Nutrition Specialist license. Outside of the realm of education, she’s a competitive CrossFit athlete, runner, cycler, and avid dog walking enthusiast. She created Emily Werner Nutrition to heal, inspire, and improve her client’s lives with expert nutritional guidance.


She earned her BA in communications and a minor in religion in 2003. And as you could guess, being a full-time nutritionist wasn’t in the blueprint. However, after 15 years in the world of advertising, she gravitated towards teaching her peers about the significance of eating well and exercising. She truly believes food is medicine.


Emily went back to school full-time at the University of Bridgeport to earn her Masters of Science in Human Nutrition to learn as much about her passion as possible, ultimately making her lifestyle of nutrition and wellness career.

Her focus? Functional medicine with the prevention and management of disease. This is where your goals, illness, and unique biochemistry are thoroughly analyzed. Emily addresses the interrelationships between foods and nutrients and considers the biochemical effects they have on the way the body functions (blood sugar regulation, GI function, and so on). Once examined, Emily creates the nutritional plan that fits your lifestyle, supports your goals, and assists recovery from all different ailments.

No one human is the same, nutrition isn’t a stencil that can be applied and traced by health artists. Your biochemistry is unique and should be treated with a specific nutrition and wellness program, tailored precisely for YOU.

  • Weight loss

  • Gut Health (GI Map Stool Testing)

  • Prevent or manage type 2 diabetes

  • Decrease cardiometabolic risk

  • Achieve better gastrointestinal health

  • Boost energy levels

  • Optimize physical and mental performance

  • Relieve chronic inflammation

Her practice is focused on, but not limited to, helping clients with the following:

Let’s become the best version of ourselves.

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