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The Gut & Metabolism Reset Method


Struggling to lose weight? Thinking about trying to improve your health? Not sure what to eat to heal? Tired of fad diets?

Welcome to The Gut & Metabolism Reset Method!

This is a one-to-one program for YOU designed to uncover the root cause of your weight gain, bloating, inflammation (and more) to help improve your health long term.

How it works

1. Your journey begins with a 60-minute orientation session where we explore your medical (including any lab reviews you have), diet, nutrition, and goals. During this session you will walk away with immediate nutrition goals to work on (personalized just for you)!


2. You will keep a food diary so that we can do a deep dive into your nutrition and find the root cause of your weight loss struggles, bloat, inflammation and so on. 


3. Foods and supplements to focus on: You'll get personalized recommendations based on your unique needs, goals, biochemistry— plus resources like recipes, shopping list, and ingredient lists you can refer to.


4. Throughout the 3-month program, we will meet for 5 additional 30-minute sessions to continue to adjust your personalized protocol so that you are seeing the best results possible! *Meeting bi-weekly for 3 months


5. Between sessions, you have access to me through your Client Portal to ask questions Mon-Fri 8A-7P EST. I am always here for you!

6. Access to functional testing (at an additional cost). The GI Map is a comprehensive stool test add-on: this test helps to uncover the imbalances in your microbiome. Here we learn what is out of balance, and why, and use that data to create your unique protocol!

A completely personalized 1:1 program to increase your daily energy, lose weight, and restore your gut via a root cause approach

Client Love

Citrus Fruits


"Struggling to find answers to the root of my problems with my joints, I reached out to Emily to help investigate the cause. I am so glad we got to the root of it rather than doctors who just wanted to prescribe me pills. Now I feel amazing!"

This program is for those who...

  • Are ready to understand the root cause of your weight gain, and FINALLY pinpoint WHY you’re experiencing metabolism and gut health symptoms.

  • Want to ditch the fad diets, and find out what nutrition and lifestyle works for YOU and YOUR unique needs, long-term. 

  • Are ready to feel ENERGIZED on a daily basis!

  • Can't wait to ditch bloating and inflammation for good!

  • Want to gain control over bad habits and develop new healthy food habits.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You are looking for a quick fix.

  • Unwilling to make serious diet and lifestyle changes during the program.

  • Specifically with the GI MAP: if you are unwilling to use supplements during the program as we will need to bring in these for a short time in order to heal.

  • Your expectation is that someone else can heal you. Healing ultimately comes from your willingness to put in the work!

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