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The Gut & Metabolism Reset Method-Black Friday Bundle!

This is my signature program that helps you uncover the root cause of your weight gain, bloating, inflammation (and more) so you can lose weight and feel better FOR GOOD!

What’s included:
✓ 60 minute on-boarding session with me to explore your medical, diet, nutrition, and goals. During this session you will walk away with immediate nutrition goals to work on (personalized just for you)!
✓Personalized food and supplement recommendations.
✓5 x 30 minute follow up sessions to continue to adjust your personalized protocol so that you are seeing the best results possible!
✓Access to me in between sessions.
✓Opportunity to complete functional testing such as the GI Map to uncover imbalances in your microbiome.


  • Weight Loss Holiday Recipe Book with 30 curated recipes that I love

  • One additional 30 min session with me, making it 7 total sessions over 3 months


VALUED AT $1,015

Get the bundle for only $741 (a monthly payment plan is available)


Offer is only valid until November 28th at midnight, so claim your spot today!

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