The Gut & Metabolism Reset Method

My program is designed to change how you eat, feel, heal, and enjoy life

Your Personal Weight Loss

and Nutrition Consultation

*All consultations are now virtual

Your journey begins with a 90 minute counseling session where we explore your medical, diet, nutrition, food preferences, and weight loss goals. This way, we can figure out where you are and exactly where you want to be.

Once established, you’re encouraged to keep a 1-3 day food diary to determine overall caloric, protein, carbohydrate, fat, fluid, vitamin, and mineral intake. Baseline measurements are also taken with each visit.

The data gathered is used to create a fully functional nutritional regimen that’s based on your habits, lifestyle, and goals. I will teach you methods to change the way you live by altering your nutrition through setting goals, analyzing lab work and symptoms, meal planning, teaching you how to shop, suggesting supplements, and finally providing you insight on weight loss and optimal nutrition.

What you'll take away from your session:

  • Goal setting

  • Lab work/symptom review 

  • Meal Planning

  • Recipes

  • Shopping Lists

  • Simple Strategies for Losing Weight

  • Suggested supplement protocol

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Nutrient and Supplement


Find a lasting cure for what is interfering with your happiness with a complete nutrient and supplement assessment. I’ll ask a series of questions to determine what type of nutrient and lab testing is best suited for you.

Testing includes, but isn’t limited to the following:

  • Micronutrients

  • Fatty Acid Panel

  • Amino Acids

  • Organic Acids

  • Gut Sensitivity

  • Food Sensitivity

  • Heavy Metal Toxicity

Once the test comes back, we’ll attack the root cause with a nutrient-dense food plan and supplements. The goal is to provide long-term results, establish new habits, and fix problems rather than

temporarily relieving symptoms.

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