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Staying on Track During the Holiday Season + Download my Limited Holiday Recipe Guide!

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

For many people, the holidays are a time for celebration and feasts with friends and family. However, food during this time is often not the most nutrient dense. We are often thrown into the mix of festivities, handed plates of appetizers, and trays of desserts.

And let’s face it, it is an excuse to buy all the pumpkin candy, cookies, cakes you can get your hands on… it’s not the easiest to turn down, I get it!

In addition to the abundance of sweets, some of the most common unhealthy habits that I see my clients adopt overtime during the holidays include:

  • Ditching exercise (starts to get colder and we make excuses to stay in)

  • Increasing alcohol intake

  • Not getting enough rest (staying up late)

  • Forgetting your original pattern of eating (meal prepping/planning goes by the waste side)

When you live in these conditions during the holiday season, and try to reboot afterwards, it makes it THAT much more challenging for you to actually reboot successfully without too much struggle.

Below are my top tips/recommendations to help you stay on track during this season. Some may seem like common sense, but I assure you that even those with the best intentions can fall victim to this time of year.

  1. Stay hydrated

  2. Listen to your body’s signals

  3. Pile on the veggies

  4. Portion control

  5. Mindful indulgences

  6. Limit liquid calories

  7. Keep moving

  8. Get proper rest/sleep

And here is some GREAT news: I created a FREE Holiday Guide to help you focus on the benefits of eating healthy during the holiday season. This guide elaborates on my top tips above + I created recipes to help you enjoy all your favorite flavors and dishes in a more nourishing, gut-friendly way. My recipes use simple ingredient swaps and smart preparation methods so you can still savor holiday meals without derailing your health goals.

If I can leave you with one tip: it is easier to return to normal after the holidays are over by maintaining healthy foods habits (and healthy habits in general)!

If you are looking for professional support to dive deeper into your specific biochemistry, I'm here to help! Check out my program here or fill out my application here!

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